Friday, February 26, 2010

My Favorite Moment in Fashion

My idol, Alexander Mcqueen (R.I.P) surprised everyone at the end of his Fall/Winter 2006 Show with and Holographic Projection of the one and only Kate Moss after the fashion industry had turned up against her because of her cocaine scandal, blah blah blah.. please!!!

Long Live McQueen!!!
Graphic by the Genius Christopher Lee Sauvé

Man Butt

So it seems no I'm not the only one obsess with Men's Butts, been getting a lot of requests for more.
Now I got to go on the hunt this weekend for more beautiful butts to photograph, so if you are coming to Rockit or Club 57 this weekend and want a butt shot look up for me.

Twin sisters getting it on

Sexy Burlesque show I got to see at The Box in NYC few years ago, SO sexy and yes they are Identical Twins. Makes it Better!!!

Twins at The Box NYC from Marco Ovando on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Queens of the Night : Epiphany Get Paid

The Boys From Club 57

Copyrighted by Marco Ovando

Bucetas Chic Part 1

Buceta (Pussy in Portugues)
from the series: "Where Life Begins"
Copyrighted by Marco Ovando

My Favorite Show in NYC,

Seen it Three times and it never gets old,

The Neon Museum

Since I'm not a gambler and I don't even know how to, i decided to look for alternative ways of spending my time in Vegas, besides drinking and partying, so went to check this museum and I
was shocked, such an amazing place, So many Photo shoots, movies and music videos had been shot here

Check out the Video I did there

Muse No.1 LadyFag

I have no words to Describe this "Woman", yes she is a real woman, she has been and inspiration, a part of my family and one of the reasons why I do what I do.
I think my fascination with her is because I don't quite get her, maybe her unique sense of fashion, or how she speaks millions of languages or maybe her hairy armpits or all of the above. Also I have to acknowledge the fact that my brother Avi, was one of the first people who suggested me working on my own blog. Him, LadyFag's blog, innovative nightlife and anything related to an open mind, floats my boat and pushes me to sit in front of a computer and pour my hear out.
Come with me...

and I Love you Fag!!!

her Blog is

Video of the Week

So Fucking Sexy and Weird, Perfect Combo

Man Butt

I think this is the first time I get to show my obsession with Men's butt, I had been photographing them for a while now and working in the nightlife industry it makes it easier.
These are some of the most beautiful butts that have come in front of my lens

Yes, I did Meet GAGA

She Came Last summer to Josh Wood's BOOTLEG to promote the National Equality March.

Geronimo Bares it all

One of the hottest, sexiest and sweetest GoGo Boys in NYC these days is Geronimo, and ya he is totally Str8. We had worked in a few projects together and this are one of my favorite pictures i had taken of him
check out his own action figure at

Girls With Fame

Photographs by Marco Ovando,